Friday, January 29, 2010

What do you Love?

The only true path to freedom is adoration. The forgetting of oneself in the awe of another is the only place we
can be changed, for to change into something that we are not, we must see what it is to what we must aspire.
I've heard this quote before “the worth and excellency of a soul is measured by the objects of its love."
It brought me back to 2 Corinthians 3:18 “but we with unveiled faces, beholding God’s glory, are being transformed
from one degree of glory to another.” In other words, we become whatever we love. Love mean and sordid things and so you will be. Love God, and the most wondrous thing will happen,the life of God will show up in the soul of man.

Don’t try to be better for God. Don’t try to figure out all the things you need to change, just fix your eyes on Jesus.
He is your life. He is the one who saves.
He is at the center of all things,and He holds all things together.
And as you love Him, as you fawn over all that He is, He’ll begin to change all that you are. For every time you look at yourself, take ten looks at Jesus.Don’t look at what your hands have done,
look at what His have done for you. And as you fix your eyes on Jesus, and on all that He is, I pray that you slowly but surely,
forget about all that you are.

May the infinity of who He is , so fill your finite heart and mind that you find yourself being crammed out entirely.


  1. Your words are so hauntingly true and simple yet so hard sometimes.I would like very much to be crammed out and God to fill all that empty space.